Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The 123 Indo-US Nuclear Deal

It's true that the Commies are no friends of the nation but that doesn't mean they are wrong about everything.

The Congress single-handedly constructed and negotiated this deal. They refused to share the details of the deal with any other parties. Why? The PM pretended to defend the deal in Parliament but revealed nothing new. Why? Maybe the Congress wants all the credit, but why should the nation trust the Congress? Openness about the deal is in the best interests of everyone.

Sonia Gandhi "endorsed" the deal, but frankly I don't think she is qualified to grasp the subtleties of such a deal.

Now it has been proved that the Congress has been trying to delude the nation. One day after Manmohan assured India that our autonomy won't be compromised, the US released a statement saying India can't conduct nuclear tests under the deal! Even for Manmohan and Sonia, this is the height of stupidity. Such blatant deception is amazing.

It is not only about aligning with the US. We have to remember that the West has NEVER in history made a deal that profited India more than them. We have to be careful in dealing with them, lest our freedom disappear.

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